Why Hire a Home Inspector

All of us have either been involved with or know friends and family who have just had a renovation or repair done to their homes.  On Long Island the cost of homes as compared nationally are more expensive; so is labor.  As a result, the costs of repairs and renovations will also be expensive so it will be prudent if the buyer is as educated as possible to what this potential purchase may need.

Just a quick example: an average cost of a new roof will cost five thousand dollars.  To replace a 3 Ton central air conditioning compressor unit is three thousand, your oil burner, four to six thousand. Hiring a home inspector will be the most cost effective, sensible and prudent investment you can make. Your return on investment (ROI) will be paid back many times over. Many times when a substantial problem is discovered the repair and cost of it would be negotiated in the contract price. A few simple items that might be discussed would be extending a gutter leader further from the foundation or trimming tree branches that are over hanging your roof.  These nickel and dime maintenance repairs could save thousands of dollars in the long term.  A term I frequently use in my reports is:  "the item inspected performed its intended function but is at the end of its life cycle".  This would be a good time to budget and research the estimated repair work for the future.  I can't emphasize the cost savings you can realize if you shop, educate yourself and get 3-4 estimates. This is better than having to replace your oil burner or hot water heater in the middle of February and you are then at the mercy of the only available contractor who is not booked that day. 

My primary goal is to make sure the house you are buying is safe. Gas leakage tests, burner efficiency, electrical overview, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm placement and much more are emphasized. A quick bit of information:  next to the electrical components, improper dryer venting and maintenance are the second most prevalent cause of fires. Secondarily, I want to make sure I provide you with as much information as possible about the condition of the house, the mechanical features and the positive aspects of your new home.

I encourage all my clients to attend the inspection.   This will allow you the opportunity to ask me any questions and for me to be able to discuss and educate you about all the aspects of your new home. At the end of the inspection we can verbally summarize the general content of the report.   Your written report will generally be prepared in 24 hours
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