Visit for information regarding mold, indoor air quality and how your home or residence may be the reason you have a high prevalence to asthma attacks, allergies and many other pulmonary related illnesses.

Fact: Asthma has doubled since the late 70’s. Our homes have become essentially air tight, warmer, and more humid with poorer availability of fresh air. Urban and industrialized areas are plagued with many triggers common to their unique settings. Sensitization to indoor allergens is strongly associated with the development of asthma. Recent clinical trials have shown that simple avoidance measures are effective in reducing asthma symptoms, severity and morbidity.

The solution to the problems of many asthma patients is not just in medication, but in reducing the pollutants in the air they breathe. With asthma in particular we see a growing opportunity to implement an environmental home assessment as part of the overall strategy to reduce the extrinsic irritants that exacerbate asthma attacks. Our service has demonstrated to be extremely cost effective, educational and beneficial utilizing some of the most advanced indoor air quality environmental testing equipment available.

Eye Spy Environmental Testingsnumber one goal is to improve your indoor air quality leading to the reduction of your asthma and/or allergy attacks. 

Investigations include:

- Initial on-site fact finding survey. Interview occupants for complaints. Full Physical Inspection: Exterior Building Site Visual Evaluation, Interior Living Area, Garage, Basement, Storage Areas, Offices and HVAC/Mechanical Systems and Filters. 

- Test exterior (outside environment) for base line measurements of particulates, VOCs and mold.

- Analyze Airborne Particulates: TSP (Total Suspended Particle) evaluation across 6 spectrums from 0.3µ, 0.5µ, 1.0µ, 2.5µ, 5.0µ, 10.0µ  (Microns). 

- Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Levels.

- Gases: CO, CO2, SO2, NO2, O3, H2S, NH3, CL2 

- Relative Humidity, Temperature Levels, Dust Mites, Insect and Rodent Waste.

- Mold testing to identify for the presence of airborne microorganisms. 

- A comprehensive narrative and digital photo report with graphs, explaining the data, any readings which are above base lines, and recommendations to remediate or reduce any identified elevated triggers.

Our slogan is… “Don’t Just Medicate… Let Us Investigate”
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Presentations titled “Asthma and Allergies: Is your home or workplace making you sick?” are available free of charge. My passion is to create improved air quality at home and work to keep people healthy and reduce their dependence on medication.  Thank You.

Michael Shain, Owner of Eye Spy Environmental Testing: MBA Healthcare, NY State Licensed Home Inspector, Indoor Air Quality Technician, Mold Certification, DEC Pesticide Technician, Industrial Engineer.